Oral Medicine & Radiology

This is a specialty in dentistry dealing with:

  • Diagnosis and management of diseases of the oral cavity and surrounding structures.
  • Radiographic evaluation and treatment assessment for diseases affecting teeth and bones of maxillofacial region.
  • Offering optimum 3D images for best treatment planning in all fields of dentistry like implants, endodontics, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as orthodontics.

Unique features :

  • Various X-ray machines
  • IOPA
  • OPG
  • Cephelostat
  • Radiovisiograph (RVG)
  • Automatic x-ray developing device
  • Pulp vitalometer

Professor & Head (Oral Medicine & Radiology)

Dr. Bhavin Dudhia

Dr. Bhavin Dudhia is a Professor and Head of the Department of OralMedicine and Radiology. He has done his B.D.S. and M.D.S. from Govt.Dental College & Hospital, Ahmedabad where he served for almost 7 years,first as a Senior Lecturer and then as a Reader before joining the presentinstitute. Now, he is having more than 12 years of teaching experience inthe field of Oral Medicine and Radiology.

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