From the Trustee's desk

Mr. B. R. Agarwal

Ahmedabad Dental College with its never ending zeal relentlessly aims to provide quality education in the field of dentistry across the masses. The main objective of the college is to produce well qualified & trained dental professionals, who are committed to render selfless meticulous service to the society at the large and weaker section in particular. The college also strived to inculcate a heightened sense of moral & social responsibility, which the student's future position demands in them.

From the CEO's desk

Mr. Daxesh Shah - Chartered Accountant

Personally, my vision for this college is for us to be able to take "ADC" to new heights and in the process, to comprehend the functioning and full ramifications of "collective leadership". It is my good fortune to work with a team who not only understand and support my ambitions, but have also made my vision their own crusade for the betterment of our college. It is therefore with immense pride that I invite you to be part of our community here, to join hands with the faculty and staff of ADC Parivaar together building a better, more promising future, one that has its very foundations within the campus of Ahmedabad Dental College. 

From Dean's Desk



Ahmedabad Dental College and its infrastructure are specially designed to promote an active interest in research and study, while simultaneously providing a homely atmosphere that encourages quick and comfortable adaptation The constant and frequent exposure to renowned national and international faculty in clinical dentistry ensures that our students are a credit to not just their alma mater but also to their chosen vocation as healers. It is the faculty and staff's ceaseless endeavour to foster and encourage the latent potentials of our students, guiding them towards a more holistic development of their individual selves in all walks of life.


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